Beyond the Bell: The Green Team

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Beyond the Bell: The Green Team
Posted on 05/07/2019

Buckingham Elementary School has introduced a new club for the second session of CARE Afterschool Academy called the ‘BES Green Team’.  The BES Green Team is made up of 3rdand 4thgrade students that have taken an interest in helping the environment.  During this session of the program, the students brainstormed, researched and designed a plan of action to aid the environment by coming up with a way for our school to do more recycling. The group of environmentally friendly students will have the chance, April 5th, 2019, to present their plan of action at the Youth Environmental Action Summit, in hopes of obtaining a grant to implement their project. The summit will be held at the Ward Museum in Salisbury, MD. Students are excited about the many possibile improvements this grant money and afterschool club can bring to their community.

BES’s afterschool CARE program is funded through 21stCentury Community Learning Centers grants. You can support local afterschool programs like this through volunteerism, advocacy and in-kind donations. For more information about or to offer support for WCPS afterschool programs, contact Tamara Mills at

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