Beyond the Bell: PES CARE Program Places Importance on the Arts

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Beyond the Bell: PES CARE Program Places Importance on the Arts
Posted on 04/02/2019

Authored by Natasha Johnson and Saudi Evansky


In Worcester County, our afterschool programs focus heavily on helping students academically. In addition, we also take pride in offering clubs and activities that enrich their lives, focus on social/emotional well-being and help develop thoughtful, reflective individuals.  


Among all the enriching activities an afterschool program can offer, "the Arts" (music, visual art, dance, theatre) should be at the forefront. They celebrate diversity, individuality and allow for both imagination and creativity. The arts not only provide an expressive outlet for children, the arts help them boost self-confidence and build interpersonal skills in the process. In addition, the arts allow students to develop on many developmental levels. It allows the ability to develop better focus and work collaboratively with one another. Most importantly, kids feel good when they are creating, experimenting or inventing new ways of thinking. 


At Pocomoke Elementary School’s Afterschool CARE program, you will find students acting out stories, dancing ballet, modeling on the runway or creating an abstract painting. These experiences allow for a harmonious balance in our childrens’ lives, creating a positive impact. The arts are truly a delightful way to expose children to stimulating and innovative opportunities that benefit and increase their overall performance in a variety of ways. 


PES’s afterschool CARE program is funded through 21stCentury Community Learning Centers grants. You can support local afterschool programs like this through volunteerism, advocacy and in-kind donations. For more information about or to offer support for WCPS afterschool programs, contact Tamara Mills at  

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