The Choice Bus Visits Two Worcester Schools

The Choice Bus Visits Two Worcester Schools
Posted on 04/29/2014

The Choice Bus, a Mattie C. Stewart Dropout Prevention program, rolled into Worcester County to drive home an important message: a good education, coupled with good choices, will lead to a good job, comfortable lifestyle, and bright future. The bus parked at Snow Hill Middle School for April 29 and 30, and then traveled to Pocomoke Middle School for a May 1 visit.

Middle school students saw testimonials in a video illustrating how one choice can have a tremendous impact. In fact, bad choices - like dropping out of school, can lead to prison. (Statistics show that 75-percent of people in prison are high school dropouts.) To help students understand prison life, the back of the bus revealed and authentic looking prison cell.

After a presentation made by Eryka Perry, students were asked to complete a Pledge Card to make good choices.

State Farm Insurance sponsors The Choice Bus so that it visit middle school students across the state. Local State Farm agent Claudia Nicholls was onsite for the visit. Also stopping by to support the importance of good choices and a good education were Senator James Mathias, County Commissioner Virgil Shockley, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jerry Wilson, Chief Operating Officer Louis Taylor, and Snow Hill Mayor Charles Dorman.