The Arts a Big DRAW in Snow Hill

The Arts a Big DRAW in Snow Hill
Posted on 05/12/2016



The 4 C’s were in full effect yesterday at Snow Hill Elementary School’s annual Big DRAW. Communication, Collaboraton, Critical Thinking and Creativity were abound as students were immersed in an artistic experience that they won’t soon forget.

Coordinated by Art Teacher Cindy Sullivan, the Big DRAW invited students to move from studio to studio throughout the morning to experience and learn about the different forms of art and the careers associated with them.

Third graders were exposed to a number of careers in the arts, courtesy of local volunteer artists. Presenting to third grade students were Board Certified Musician Niki Runge; Lisa Murphy of the 4-H Extension Office; Earnest Gould, Creative Director for South Moon Under; Beth Shockley-Lynch, science teacher; and Dr. Terry Ewell and Nicholas Currie, from Baltimore’s Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra.

The volunteer artists for second grade that who shared their knowledge of the arts with students were Kathryn Redden, of Eastern Shore Madrigal presenting:“I Can be a STAR”; Chrissy Ehrhart, owner and instructor of Zennawellness, demonstrating yoga; the Ward Museum’s Director of Education and Environmental Learning Mark McMullen Bushman presenting the art of soap Carving; and teacher Will Tignor, celebrating music.

Celebrating the arts with first grade students were teacher Desiree Bowden, with her presentation, “Cork Animal Puppets”; Berleigh Diaz with “Little Yogi”; Olga Dashield, “Wishing Tree” and Michaela Hatlee, presenting “Snow Hill Elementary School’s Got Dance Moves”.

In Kindergarten, students were treated to presentations from Seaside Dance Academy Owner Lisa Tingle with “Dancing is FUN!”; Carol Jenkins-Pike perfoming yoga storytelling; Bob Hulburd presenting “Bead-dazzled” and Erika Davis teaching the youngsters gymnastics.

The students had many opportunities to develop and participate in knowledgeable, creative and critical thinking skills. This beloved annual event, The Big DRAW, exposes and extends the vocabulary of the ARTS and challenges conventions and preconceptions.  In the afternoon, the students reflected upon the experience of The Big DRAW by employing a wide range of strategies as they write and use different process elements appropriate to communicate with the volunteer artists regarding the skills introduced in the studios.

As a culminating event, several professional musicians from the Educational Outreach Program of the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra performed a mini-orchestra concert for the enjoyment of the students, faculty and community members of the school.

The faculty of Snow Hill Elementary School strongly feels the students of today need to be literate in the ARTS to be able to survive in our modern world.  The Big DRAW is an enticing way in which to make art education a vital part of the development of the whole child, and to develop skills of perception, communication and invention, which are transferable to any subject and career.

With great anticipation, the Big Draw will be held again at Snow Hill Elementary School in May 2017.  If you have additional questions about the Big Draw, please call the school at 410-632-5210.