Teach. Learn. Connect.: Class of 2019 Receive Laptops

Teach. Learn. Connect.: Class of 2019 Receive Laptops
Posted on 09/03/2015

By Carrie Sterrs, Coordinator of Public Relations and Special Programs

It’s truly an exciting time here in Worcester County! Teachers have returned to fill their classrooms with all the odds and ends needed to welcome students back next week. Students are soaking up the last week of summer vacation before donning their best back to school outfits on Tuesday.

There is a special group, however, that is “gearing up” in a different way. Beginning this week, the Class of 2019 will be outfitted with the first wave of 1:1 devices – a Dell laptop – in another step in the Teach. Learn. Connect. (TLC)  digital conversion.

We are excited to have these students and their families be the pioneers for this program. Teach. Learn. Connect. is more than just a single sign-on platform; it is an interface that will provide students and teachers with the tools and resources to make 21st Century teaching come alive.

The laptops the students will receive will be packed with all of the apps and software needed to hit the ground running in this time of innovation. They will be able to experience both learning and career planning in a whole new way. One career planning platform that will be available through the digital devices is Naviance.

Naviance, a robust guidance tool, will give students, families, and school counselors a communication platform that will allow collaboration in the development of comprehensive road maps leading to student success.  The program can create individualized six-year course plans for students, facilitate the college application process, and record and monitor student outcomes. As students progress through middle and high school, they can store their information electronically. The laptop students receive will give parents and students a window into the college and career planning process right from the comfort of their home.

Learning both in and outside the classroom will shift as teachers will have the capability to customize their instruction for students. The ability to capture data and provide immediate feedback to students related to the concepts they are learning while in the midst of learning is becoming more efficient with these tools. Teachers can make real time adjustments to their lesson to engage students across the spectrum of understanding.

Students will now have options for demonstrating their knowledge. Using collaboration tools through the TLC platform and the online tools provided through the available Microsoft Office365 package, students can create videos, presentations, research papers and more in an effective, efficient manner.

Students will benefit from the full library of digital assets at their fingertips as well as the collaboration tools that TLC integrates into their device. Students will also find that just as they can connect with experts around the world, connecting and engaging with their peers on team-based work could become simpler and easier than ever before.

If you have any questions about Teach. Learn. Connect. and the 1:1 laptop program, please contact me at the Worcester County Board of Education office at 410-632-5092. Thank you.