Talking Violins at Showell Elementary

Talking Violins at Showell Elementary
Posted on 11/14/2018
Third grade students at Showell Elementary School are making merry music this month. This year, for the first time, the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (MSO) is presenting their “A-B-C-Me Play” violin instruction program at Showell. Thanks to the cooperative planning and instruction of their music teacher, Mrs. Bethany Pugner, and the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (MSO) Violin teacher, Mrs. Monika Lilley, all 123 third graders are learning how to make violins “talk” with their own (MSO-loaned) violin in hand.

How do we hold a violin at rest? How do we put on fingers on the bow? What are the names and the sounds of the strings? How do we put the violin and the bow together to make quiet and loud sounds, fast and slow sounds? These are some of the questions that are being posed during the students’ five class days with Mrs Lilley.

By the end of their music experience, these excited but focused youngsters will be able to answer all questions and play a simple tune. What a special time!—thanks to the strong working relationship between the Worcester County Public Schools and the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. Classes such as these are possible only through the generous financial support of local community organizations and individuals who believe in the value of providing exposure and building appreciation for music among our local students.

Play on, third graders, play on!

Two female students play violins.  Three female students play violins.