Student Interns Honored at Spring Reception

Student Interns Honored at Spring Reception
Posted on 04/25/2017
Student interns who were and are placed within our schools for their student teaching experience were honored at the Spring Intern Reception on Friday, April 21, 2017.

Speakers at the reception were Interim Superintendent of Schools Louis H. Taylor, Supervisor of Human Resources Dr. John DiPaula, SDHS Principal Mr. Tom Zimmer, and 2016 Worcester County Teacher of the Year Kristina Belcher. 

2016-2017 Student Interns

From University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES)
Jennifer Jackson, UMES - Art
Joe Miller, UMES - Chemistry
Roxanne Sudendorf, UMES - Special Education
Brandi Webster, UMES - Special Education

From Wilmington University (WU)
DJ Thompson, WU - English

From Salisbury University (SU)
Keith Adder, P. E.
Joshua August. History
Brandon Austin. History
Danielle Baker. ECED
Devin Bataille. P.E.
Alexandra Birckett, ECED. BLED
Phyllis Blessing. ELED
Brandi Boll. ELED
Annie Broun. ELED
Valerie Byron. ELED
Jillian Duryea. ELED
Stephanie Groltendick. ECED, ELED
Natalie Guion, ECED, ELED
Matthew Hogenson, History
Adam Howard, ELED
Sarah Hunter. ELED
Kaclinllursh, ECED
Deborah McAdams, English
Griffin McWilliams. ELED
Emily Mitrovich. ECED
Megan Muir, ECED, ELED
Scott Payne. P.E.
Cynthia Poling. History
Emily Quintan, ECED
Erica Rasmussen, ELED
Krista Sadler. EL ED
Mollie Schoenfclder. P.E.
Caroline Shellabarger, ECED
Carolyn Smalls. P.E.
Aisha Tariq, ECED
Veronica Turley, ELED
Lauren Wainwright. ELED
Kyle Wheatley, Chemistry
Brianne White, ELED
Jennifer Wright. P. E.