Snow Hill Middle School Joins Summit Basecamp 2016-2017 National Cohort

Snow Hill Middle School Joins Summit Basecamp 2016-2017 National Cohort
Posted on 08/12/2016

Newark, Maryland, August 12, 2016 –Worcester County Public Schools is proud to announce that Snow Hill Middle School’s sixth grade will participate in a national, groundbreaking personalized learning program in partnership with Summit Public Schools.

During the 2016-2017 school year, the middle school will utilize Summit Basecamp, a free program that provides teachers and schools across the country with the resources to provide personalized learning to students.

Personalized learning helps students become self-directed learners, building the habits, mindsets and behaviors that lead to academic and personal success with direction and support from our teachers, who are able to customize the instruction to meet individual students’ needs and interests. This approach is designed so that the technology allows teachers to create and students to carry out individual learning plans and track progress toward goals.

The program is divided into two sections: personalized learning time and project time. During personalized learning time, students learn through a combination of online playlists that provide different learning resources like videos, presentations and reference texts, peer-to -peer coaching and one-on-one mentoring from their teachers. Students also participate in project time where as a group, students use what they have learned and put it to work in a real world application.

“The faculty and administration at Snow Hill Middle are exploring a new pathway for student learning with this model,” Superintendent of Schools Jerry Wilson said. “Students in this program will be applying problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills as they tackle rigorous, authentic learning tasks. This type of innovative, personalized approach is a great illustration of how digital devices can redesign the classroom experience.”

Through the use of Summit’s personalized learning program (PLP), Snow Hill Middle School students in sixth grade will move through their school day within the structure of the PLP. Students will work at their own pace, mastering concepts in ways that work best for their own learning style, while teachers receive real time information on the students’ progress.

Personalized learning allows teachers to identify and address learning gaps before they become major problems and requires students to become active participants in their education, building the knowledge and learning skills that will help them succeed in college and their careers.

A team of teachers and leadership from Snow Hill Middle School spent two weeks at Summit Basecamp training earlier this summer learning about their new roles as personalized learning facilitators and how to use the PLP software.

“The immersive experience we had at Summit was transformative,” Snow Hill Middle School Principal Christina Welch said. “I truly believe that with our talented and committed team, the students participating in Basecamp this year will experience rich, personalized learning that will have them fully engaged and invested in their own learning.”

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