Pocomoke Elementary School Launches a Second Digital Adventure

Pocomoke Elementary School Launches a Second Digital Adventure
Posted on 06/30/2016

By Beverly Watson, Formative Assessment for Maryland Educators Facilitator at Pocomoke Elementary School

Pocomoke Elementary School embraces innovative opportunities to provide hands-on digital experiences for our young students. Instructional activities, fortified by advancing technology, provide a solid foundation of digital learning experiences. Technology and tools are embedded within daily instruction encouraging effective communication and efficient functioning with 21st Century digital language.

Last February, during the height of late winter cabin fever, Pocomoke Elementary School piloted an online, parent-supervised adventure entitled the Great Digital Escape. Complete with seasonally appropriate web-based opportunities, adventures included virtual fieldtrips, digital scavenger hunts, child-guided career opportunity tours and child-friendly easy-to-make traditional snacks, as well as, inventive three-dimensional edible creations!

Inspired by the wonderful enthusiasm with which students shared their digital adventures and ongoing parent requests for additional opportunities, Pocomoke Elementary has launched a summer-flavored adventure: Dive into Digital Discoveries! Significant internet searching has resulted in a compilation of several sites offering exciting information of interest to children ranging in grades from pre-kindergarten through third. Suggested virtual exploration links include themes such as: “Old Fashion Summer Time Fun; Creative Me; Google Map Memories; Maryland: Great Things to Do in Our Own Backyard; Sun, Sand and Safety; I Care and What’s Growing on?

To extend online learning and generate purposeful “adventure” conversations, students are encouraged to share three points that they learned as a result of an adventure, two discoveries that surprised them and one concept about which they still have a question. Optional extension activities are suggested as fun, collaborative opportunities for parent and child to investigate together. Explore your child’s “creative” talents through searching for those projects which challenge your child’s imagination and reflect activities that are personally meaningful to you and your family. The slower pace of the summer season is a perfect time for you and your child to explore the visual and performing arts, engineering, science, math and technology learning pathways. Encourage your child to communicate questions, discoveries, and dreams verbally or through sketching, painting, poetry, lyrics, or sculpting, etc. We would like to invite students to share their digital dive extension activities with teachers and classmates. Submitted activities will be displayed during our initial parent conference night when school reopens in September! Home videos capturing hands-on adventure activities, photographs characterizing selected experiences, map illustrations, diorama creations, game designs, letters and/or stories prompted by “digital dive” adventures are among options to be considered in sharing digital summer experiences!

With hats, boots and coats eagerly cast aside for beach shorts and sandals, we have entered a long-awaited, less “hurried” routine that offers opportunity for families to spend time together enjoying all that the summer season has to offer … picnics, road trips, festivals and fireflies! However, when temperatures spike above 90 degrees, summer breezes subside and neighborhood playmates are unavailable, consider offering a “digital dive” into limitless online discoveries of your choice as part of your family’s summer adventure. Please take this opportunity to reinforce responsible usage of the Internet. Allow your child to access links as suggested and possibly extend searches in areas of interest with your supervision. Computer literacy is a critical skill for success in college and career opportunities. In today’s digital world, routine transactions are web-based. To succeed within our digital society, students must be confident in how to access, process and apply online information in an effective and efficient manner. Pocomoke Elementary School would like to extend an invitation to explore our summer Dive into Digital Discoveries by visiting our school website: www.peswebsite.weebly.com.

For further information, please contact Mrs. Stephanie Taylor, Curriculum Resource Teacher or Mrs. Beverly Watson, Formative Assessment for Maryland Educators Specialist at Pocomoke Elementary School (410)-632-5130.