Pocomoke Elementary Receives 'UNthink My School' Grant

Pocomoke Elementary Receives 'UNthink My School' Grant
Posted on 03/31/2016

Pocomoke City, Maryland – March 31, 2016—The Wahl Foundation, in partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), has awarded one of its $2,000 “UNthink My School” grants to Pocomoke Elementary School, Pocomoke City, MD.

Mr. Michael Browne, Principal of Pocomoke Elementary School, shared: “With generous support of the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the Wahl Foundation, Pocomoke Elementary School is excited to initiate an innovative arts-enhanced school experience for our early childhood and elementary learners. Our goal is to inspire student curiosity, creativity, imagination and innovative thinking. Through use of 3-D technology, opportunities to explore music, art and a variety of cultures will enhance classroom instruction and expand student horizons with limitless possibilities!”

The Wahl Foundation launched “UNthink My School” as a way to reward elementary schools that approached a challenge with a creative solution. The grant was created as a way to reinforce themes in Erik Wahl’s book, UNThink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius. The foundation also offered one $20,000 grant and nine other $2,000 grants.  

“Reading the hundreds of grant applications we received, we were filled with gratitude and hope for the future of education. The time and attention the principals, teachers and students alike put into the application process was inspiring,” said the Wahl Foundation Executive Director Tasha Wahl. “It was extremely difficult to choose between so many innovative ideas. We based our final decisions on the applicant’s creative concept for how to ‘UNthink’ their school environment and how they integrated their school community and neighborhood demographics in the projects.”

To learn more about the Wahl Foundation and its work to foster innovation and help the underserved, visit www.thewahlfoundation.com.


Erik and Tasha Wahl created the Wahl Foundation because they are passionate about integrating the arts in education. They believe that incorporating artistic concepts and creative expression into the learning process can be transformative for classroom and school environments. The Wahl Foundation is dedicated to enabling positive change. We gravitate toward other projects that serve education, the underserved, the arts and other innovative projects that fall beyond those areas.


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