Naviance a Great Planning Tool for Students & Parents

Naviance a Great Planning Tool for Students & Parents
Posted on 05/11/2017
Naviance is a website that serves as a helpful tool for both student and parent use in the college application process.

Sixth graders at Berlin Intermediate School have been experimenting with Naviance by taking multiple college/career planning quizzes and completing “life goal” essays. Later on in high school, students will be able to track statistics on top colleges, make lists of their top schools and submit entrance applications as well as scholarship applications.

At BIS’s Passport to Learning Night, guidance counselor, Mr. Aaron Call encouraged students and parents to sit down and learn the purpose and importance of Naviance. Pictured is Aaron Call, Mik Megary, Amella Mehan, and Aaliyah Sturgis

The use of Naviance is a countywide initiative. You can learn more about Naviance and how you and your child can use its tools by speaking with your child's school counselor.