MidAtlantic Symphony Orchestra Holds Master Classes at BIS

MidAtlantic Symphony Orchestra Holds Master Classes at BIS
Posted on 04/13/2017
Earlier this week, representatives from the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra made a trip to Berlin Intermediate School to teach master classes to fifth and sixth graders who play the violin, viola and cello. 

Conducting the Master Classes were string quartet musicians: Ha-Young Kim, the MSO Assistant Concertmaster (violin), Heather MacArthur on violin, Cameron Raecke on viola, and Devree Lewis on cello.

Each group of students met with the MSO professional musician who plays a similar instrument. They received instruction in playing a specific piece and learned techniques that will continue to help their playing in the future. After a forty minute lesson with their mentor, all students and MSO musicians met in the cafeteria where the MSO string quartet performed for the students and answered questions.

This MSO School Outreach program was paid for by Mr. Michael Jahnigen, a generous donor. He wants to give students an opportunity to have a firsthand experience with classical music and professional musicians so that they can learn to appreciate the world of classical music.

Fifth and sixth grade orchestra at BIS is taught by Mrs. Lisa Adams.