Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra Presents "A-B-C-Me Play Program" to Students

Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra Presents "A-B-C-Me Play Program" to Students
Posted on 10/25/2017
Students at Buckingham Elementary School had the opportunity to learn from the experts when the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (MSO) presented their “A-B-C-Me Play Program” from Monday, October 9 through Friday, October 20. During the “A-B-C Me Play” sessions, Mrs. Julie Young’s Grade 4 music students learned all about the violin during their regular music instructional periods.

The MSO supplied the teacher, Ms. Monika Lilley, and the instruments. Over the course of this two-week experience, students learned how to hold the violin and the bow, how to properly care for the violin, the names of the strings, and more. There were many smiles and exclamations of surprise as these fourth graders “made music” individually and “almost” in unison. Ms. Young, and Ms. Lilley cooperatively assisted the students to ensure that they progressed from one class to the next both in learning about the violin and in playing the notes -- fingering and using the bow.

This program was funded by the American Legion, Post 166, the Ocean City Elks, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Berlin ,and the Worcester County Public Schools. Funding for future classes has also been donated by the Berlin/Ocean City Optimist Club.

“A-B-C Me Play” is part of the MSO’s commitment to support school music teachers and to help their students develop an appreciation for the wonderful world of music. Additional MSO music classes will be offered to WCPS throughout the 2017-18 school year.

Students learn play learning games with violin bows.