Marx to be Named as Buckingham Elementary Principal

Marx to be Named as Buckingham Elementary Principal
Posted on 06/10/2014


NEWARK (June 12, 2014) Ocean City Elementary School’s Assistant Principal Karen Marx will be recommended as Principal of Buckingham Elementary School by the Superintendent to the Board of Education at their June 17 meeting. Marx would succeed Denise Shorts who will be transferring to the Central Office as the Coordinator of Instruction for K-12 Literacy and Title I. Marx and Shorts’ new assignments will be effective July 1, 2014.

With 21 years of experience as an educator, Marx, who joined the school system as a Buckingham Elementary School (BES) teacher, will return to her home school. “I am thrilled to be returning to the school that I called ‘home’ when I started with Worcester County Public Schools,” said Marx. “I’m returning to my roots at a very exciting time in education. Along with a supportive community, Buckingham has fantastic students, staff, and parents and I look forward to embracing change and continued growth together.”

Marx served as a second and third grade teacher while at BES. In 1998, she transferred to Ocean City Elementary School where she served as a third grade teacher and later as the Curriculum Resource Teacher. For the last 11 years, Marx has held the position of Assistant Principal.

“Karen Marx possesses the experience, vision, and leadership skills to continue the vital work that is already underway at Buckingham Elementary School,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jerry Wilson. “She will continue the positive momentum around incorporating 21st century teaching and learning in each child’s education. Preparing students for college and career begins at the earliest elementary grades.”

As principal of a Title I school, Marx will have the opportunity to work closely with Shorts, her predecessor. “In her capacity as the Title I Coordinator, Dee Shorts and I will have ample opportunity to work together to ensure high academic achievement, free of gaps, for each child,” said Marx. “I think the collaboration will provide continuity of effort for Buckingham Elementary.”

The process of finding Marx’s replacement as Assistant Principal of Ocean City Elementary School is underway. “I am blessed to have worked at such an exceptional school,” said Marx. “As I anticipate rejoining my Buckingham family, it is hard to say goodbye to OCES. I believe my experiences at OCES have developed me as a leader and will always be part of who I am.”