MSO Introduces Students to Instruments

MSO Introduces Students to Instruments
Posted on 04/23/2018
In early April, excited students at Buckingham and Ocean City Elementary Schools met trombone player, Nick Mazziott, and violinist, Blair Skinner from the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (MSO), thanks to the invitation from music teachers, Julie Young and Rick Chapman.

During the day’s “Introduce an Instrument” program, the MSO professional musicians explained how the trombone and violin produce music and played their instruments. Then the students “played” each of the instruments under the guidance of Mr. Mazziott and Mr. Skinner. They learned how to blow raspberries into the trombone mouthpiece and work the slide. They learned how to hold the violin and draw the bow across the strings. It is hoped that these “hands-on”experiences will expand our youngest students’ personal interest in music and lay the groundwork for future educational encounters in the wonderful world of music.

This program, and others presented in several of Worcester County Public Schools during the 2017-2018 school year, was made possible, thanks to the commitment to music education by the MSO, and thanks to the generous funding by Mr. Michael Jahnigen of Frankford, Delaware.

Teacher Instructing Student How to Play Violin