Innovative Energy Saving Program Benefits Instruction

Innovative Energy Saving Program Benefits Instruction
Posted on 08/29/2014

At the August 19 Board of Education Meeting, 11 of the 14 schools were recognized for results associated with the FY14 School Energy Incentive Program. To be recognized, schools had to implement innovative cost-saving practices that resulted in reductions in the school's energy usage. A portion of each school's savings was returned to the school to support its instructional program or a school need.

During the 2013-2014 school year, our school system used 1,850,000 less KWH than the year before. This resulted in savings of $200,000, of which $61,000 was divided between the schools to support the instructional program. The amount each school earned was dependent on the amount of money the school saved.

Below is the percent of savings each school earned in comparision to energy costs for the year prior:

School: % of Savings
Pocomoke Elementary School 3.55%
Snow Hill High School 5.96%
Snow Hill Elementary School 7.91%
Stephan Decatur Middle School 10.76%
Worcester Technical High School 11.78%
Pocomoke Middle School 15.89%
Ocean City Elementary School 16.81%
Stephen Decatur High School 17.36%
Snow Hill Middle School 18.23%
Cedar Chapel Special School 18.23%
Berlin Intermediate School 22.30%