Elementary Students Help Hurricane Victims

Elementary Students Help Hurricane Victims
Posted on 11/17/2017
Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria tragically inflicted layer after layer of regional devastation upon individual residents and families throughout the States of Florida, Texas, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. In addition to the insurmountable grief associated with personal loss and injury of loved ones, fatigued hurricane victims continue to face the daily, painful uncertainty of storm recovery. Initial stages of cleanup and restoration typically target procurement of life’s basic needs: food, shelter and clothing, each remaining significantly limited in some storm-ravaged areas.

With the cheerful eagerness depicted by our mascot, Pocomoke Elementary School students, young “Braves,” responded generously to the perseverant storm victim fund-raising efforts of our school’s Kiwanis Kids (K-Kids) Organization. This after school, student-led academy is one of many offered to students of Pocomoke Elementary School through the College, Career and Assessment Readiness for Everyone Program. Enthusiasm, excitement and energy rally a variety of K-Kids’ philanthropic efforts through activities designed to achieve their vision to make our school, local community, and world at large, a better place for all! Second and third grade K-Kid student members, passionate in their determination to ease the financial burden of survival for storm victims, launched a community coin drive throughout the Month of October. Teacher co-advisors, Lavonya Dashiell and Danielle Jackson, facilitated the K-Kids’ storm relief mission and teamed with the American Red Cross for the direction and utilization of funds collected.

The K-Kids enthusiastically tapped into their imagination to create and display fundraising posters advertising the coin drive throughout the Pocomoke Elementary School campus. K-Kids’ members utilized school wide morning announcements as a tool to challenge other young Braves to support their mission. Finding a competitive edge, the top three fundraising classrooms celebrated superior collection efforts with a pizza party, an ice cream party and extra recess. In addition to revenue collected by Pocomoke Elementary School, Hall Reality likewise made a generous donation of two hundred dollars raising our school’s total storm victim contribution to an overwhelming $1,275.

With October’s coin drive complete, Pocomoke Elementary K-Kids wasted no time initiating two additional charitable endeavors. With the launching of the “Just Zoo It” Campaign, students are currently collecting funds for the Delmarva Zoological Society to assist with the renewal the Salisbury Zoo including animal exhibits, education efforts and projects. During the Month of November, the Kiwanis Kids at Pocomoke Elementary School also host a food drive for the Maryland Food Bank during which time families are asked to please donate non-perishable canned food items for those individuals in need.

This fall, first through third grade students collected nearly $7,500 for the American Heart Association through a school wide Jump Rope for Heart event facilitated by physical education teacher Gina Dean. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the students, families, faculty, staff and business partners within the Pocomoke Community for the collective self-sacrificing efforts that have led to this year’s phenomenal fund-raising success at Pocomoke Elementary School.

If you have any questions, or would like to suggest humanitarian opportunities, please contact Beverly Watson at BAWatson@mail.worcester.k12.md.us or phone 410-632-5130.