Beyond the Bell: Turning Learning Into Confidence

Beyond the Bell Graphic
Beyond the Bell: Turning Learning Into Confidence
Posted on 03/27/2018
Authored by Julie Smith

At Ocean City Elementary School, the After School Program may look a little different. For one hour every Tuesday and Thursday, students work diligently on homework. Students from three grade levels are invited to attend the Homework Academy: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. At least two teachers work in small groups of approximately 12 students. This allows for small group instruction with a more one-on-one approach. If you look closer, though, what the pictures really show is confidence building. The students that have attended Homework Academy have exceeded expectations, during the school day, in feeling more confident when participating in front of peers, working in groups, and completing work that is directly related to the homework being completed afterschool.

One young lady in 3rd grade has said, “I like working with other kids in my grade that need help too. It’s easy to ask questions, and then I remember them the next day in class.”

Ocean City Elementary School’s Homework Academy provides a way for students who struggle to experience a setting where they can take risks, be successful and make their learning more concrete. Research shows that students who lack confidence in class, lose the ability to effectively learn new material. Additionally, students who participate in tutoring and homework help have increased rates of academic motivation.

Ocean City’s afterschool programs are funded from local operating funds. You can support local afterschool programs like this through volunteerism, advocacy and in-kind donations. For more information about or to offer support for WCPS afterschool programs, contact Tamara Mills at

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