Beyond the Bell: Sisters with a Goal (SWAG)

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Beyond the Bell: Sisters with a Goal (SWAG)
Posted on 04/10/2018
Authored by Gray Jack

Buckingham Elementary School offers a mentoring program for our 4th grade girls called "Sisters With A Goal" or better known as our "SWAG Club". SWAG is an afterschool mentoring program that focuses on teaching girls about their strengths and how they can help others. Mrs. Annette Waters and Mrs. Etta Murry do a fantastic job working with our girls in building confidence and self-esteem. During the second session of afterschool, the sisters of SWAG took ordinary dolls and turned them into STRONG, POWERFUL, INTELLIGENT, HEROINES that can save the world. The girls were then split into groups and worked together to create their superhero and wrote a detailed description listing characteristics and why they are superheroes. The dolls are displayed in our BES Media Center.

BES offers a well-rounded afterschool program which involves character education, social-emotional learning and other developmental programs to help our young people acquire character traits and qualities that will help them become well-adjusted, kind, successful members of the community.

This program is funded through a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant. You can support local afterschool programs like this through volunteerism, advocacy and in-kind donations. For more information about or to offer support for WCPS afterschool programs, contact Tamara Mills at

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