Beyond the Bell: LEGO Robotics Enriches Learning

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Beyond the Bell: LEGO Robotics Enriches Learning
Posted on 03/06/2018
Authored by Erica Matlock

Showell Elementary would like to highlight the great work being done in the SES Afterschool program by Mrs. Silviya Gallo. Mrs. Gallo is an engineering and math teacher at Worcester Technical High School. This session, she is working with Showell students on a STEM project, LEGO We Do. This club teaches kids teamwork and critical thinking, coding, and building Lego robots that interface with computers. Students also practice communication skills and mathematics. “I am so excited when I see the students problem-solving and attending to precision to make sure their robots work properly”, says Mrs. Gallo. “These skills are transferable to all areas of their education.”

Showell Elementary has collaborated with The Red Doors Community Center at St Paul’s By The Sea to provide the kits that support this wonderful program for their students. Mrs. Gallo and Red Doors shares the Showell Elementary vision of working with community partners to support our students. As a parent, she has instilled these values in her son, Daniel Gallo, a third grader at Showell Elementary who serves as the current president of Kiwanis Kids (K Kids) club.

To see a video of the program on Mrs. Gallo’s twitter page, please use this link:

The program is funded through local funding. You can support local afterschool programs like this through volunteerism, advocacy and in-kind donations. For more information about or to offer support for WCPS afterschool programs, contact Tamara Mills at

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