Berlin Intermediate Student Wins National Poetry Contest

Berlin Intermediate Student Wins National Poetry Contest
Posted on 10/31/2014

Sixth grader Gavin Conner of Berlin Intermediate School entered the Worcester County Garden Club's youth contest in the poetry category, over a year ago. "Mr. Sites [the Principal] would call me to the office to let me know how my poem was doing," explained Gavin. The news Gavin heard was always good. His poem Sacred Ground won at the county and state at the fifth grade level. His poem, which recognizes the importance of trees to the environment, also won at the Central Atlantic Region - comprised of seven states. The really big news came later: Gavin's poem was a national winner, the first national winner for the school and the Worcester County Garden Club.

The theme for the poetry competition was "Protecting and Conserving our Natural Resources." Gavin chose to write about trees. The poem took about a day to write, according to Gavin. "It's hard to think about the words you want to use," he said. He spoke to his aunt about the importance of trees, since she has visited Yellowstone National Park. Gavin believes it is important to save trees and wildlife. "Trees make our Earth fresh and give us oxygen," said Gavin.

BIS Principal Tom Sites, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jerry Wilson, Worcester County Garden Club officers and members, Gavin's family, and members of the BIS student body cheered Gavin as he was presented with a certificate by Jenny Henry, the Maryland State Youth Award Chairperson. "You are wonderful and have a bright future in front of you," said Sites.

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