Berlin Intermediate Gets HIP

Berlin Intermediate Gets HIP
Posted on 03/07/2017
Berlin Intermediate School’s annual HIP day has passed by again on January 27th. HIP, being an abbreviation for “Helping Increase the Peace”, is a day yearly recognized at BIS for educating nonviolent conflict resolution, accepting each other’s differences and having a little fun.

On this day, students and staff dress up in their favorite funky clothes from all decades and there is an assembly where they dance and play games.

The school’s peer mediators visit the children in their classrooms to give them peace talks and quiz their knowledge on quotes from famous peace leaders. Children can also agree to take “peace pledges” which is a promise to themselves and others that they will not engage in violent activity.

Girls Dressed Up for HIP Day at BIS

Boys Dressed in 1960s apparel for HIP Day at BIS