Middle School Honors Art Students Visit Prestigious Art Show

Middle School Honors Art Students Visit Prestigious Art Show
Posted on 10/26/2018
Authored by: Heather Shockley, Snow Hill Middle School

Pow! Zap! Zoom! These words tend to be quintessential illustrated sounds that we would find in comics books that we remember from our past. Those stories have been revived to our younger generation through cinema with movies like Spiderman, The Dark Knight, Avengers, and Black Panther the National Junior Art Honor’s Society Chapter at Snow Hill Middle School went to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to see the roots of where these movies came from.

There, at the Mosley Gallery, students saw the original pages from the artist Billy Graham, who was most known for his work with Jungle Action which featured the character the Black Panther. Students were given a tour of the gallery show, titled Billy Graham, The Irreverent One, by Mr. Bradley Hudson professor at UMES and Topps Star Wars card artist. They learned how pages are created from scripts, how artists work on teams to bring stories to life, and what the final products look like. From this our students got to go a step further; we joined one of the sequential arts classes that is offered by UMES to become fully immersed in the digital side of this world. Students were given a tutorial on the Cintiq, which is a digital large format graphics tablet, were able to ask students questions about their current work, and created their own panel pages. Art Honors students were then treated to a tour of the art department at UMES.

Snow Hill Middle School Art Honors students were so excited to be able to experience a gallery show, experience a college art department, and see opportunities that are available to them locally. This is the first year for SHMS to have an Art Honors society coordinated and run by the visual art instructor, Mrs. Heather Shockley. For their first chapter they have eighteen students within seventh and eighth grade.