Pip the Beach Cat Visits Students

Pip the Beach Cat Visits Students
Posted on 06/07/2019
Authored by Stefanie McElhinny, BIS

Berlin native, Pip the Beach Cat, and owner Emily Meadows, BIS alumni, visited Berlin Intermediate School's fourth grade to discuss their most recently published book. Discussions included careers involved in the book publishing process: the role of an author, ghostwriter, graphic designer and illustrator. 

The book, Pip's Guide to Ocean City: Volume One, follows Pip's travels to historic landmarks that represent Ocean City and its culture. Pip and Emily highlight iconic eateries, food, rides and landmarks on the beach and boardwalk. 
This cat comes from rags to riches and does not forget his roots. Pip is a rescued feral cat, that spends his free time helping other rescue animals, volunteering with local nursing homes, and working with people with disabilities. A portion of profits from Pip's book go to the Worcester County Humane Society, The Cricket Center, and the Surf into Integrity Program.  

Some of Pip's missions include: