2018-2019 Lead Testing

As part of ongoing efforts to be open and transparent with our school system community, below you will find the schedule of schools that will conduct lead testing in water sources. This testing in being conducted in compliance with the Testing for Lead in Drinking Water - Public and Nonpublic Schools legislation that was passed in 2017. The legislation requires all elementary schools and all schools built prior to 1988 to be tested. 

As results for each school are made available, that information will be posted here as well. 

 Buckingham Elementary School             01/17/2019, 01/29/2019 02/20/2019  Letter - 03/01/2019
 Showell Elementary School 01/29/2019, 01/30/2019 03/12/2019 Letter - 03/22/2019
 Pocomoke Elementary School 02/07/2019, 02/09/2019  03/22/2019 Letter - 03/29/2019
 Ocean City Elementary School 02/15/2019, 02/26/2019  03/25/2019 Letter - 04/03/2019
 Cedar Chapel Special School Scheduled: 03/07/2019, 03/08/2019    
 Snow Hill Elementary School Scheduled: 03/21/2019 05/03/2019 Letter - 05/13/2019
 Stephen Decatur Middle School Scheduled: 04/19/2019    
 Berlin Intermediate School Scheduled: 05/03/2019    
 Pocomoke Middle School Scheduled: 05/30/2019    
 Snow Hill Middle School Scheduled: 05/30/2019 N/A Letter - 04/26/2019

For more information about the lead testing program, please visit the below links:
Maryland Department of the Environment
Environmental Protection Agency