PES Launches Color Me Digital Learning Project

PES Launches Color Me Digital Learning Project
Posted on 11/11/2016
Color Me DigitalPocomoke Elementary School’s “blended learning” approach integrates innovative hands-on digital experiences within our instructional framework to expand learning and prepare students in grades pre-kindergarten through third for proficiency in our 21st Century digital language, necessary for college and career readiness.

The Wahl Foundation, in partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals, awarded an “UNthink My School” grant of $2,000 to Pocomoke Elementary School. The financial generosity afforded by this grant, established by Erik and Tasha Wahl, enables our school to offer an innovative arts-enhanced school experience for our early childhood and elementary learners.

Inspired by Artist Erik Wahl, Pocomoke Elementary School seeks to inspire student curiosity, creativity, imagination and innovative thinking through incorporation of art and creative expression during learning. Online discovery and exploration of music, art and writing, reflective of various cultures, and use of 3-D technology including printing, engraving and 3-D writing pens will enhance face-to-face classroom instruction with limitless learning opportunities!

Pocomoke Elementary School would like to extend our arts-enhanced school experience to students and families through “Color Me Digital,” the third in our series of online digital learning projects. With crisp autumn air and a magnificent burst of fall color, we are inspired to take a few moments to observe the beauty and art within our world around us! We would like to invite parents and children to partner for an optional “Color Me Digital Art Stroll” through suggested websites and activities that may ignite an autumn fire of inner creativity within the entire family!

With Internet and a device, we encourage families to explore the limitless imagination and critical thinking skills depicted in numerous art forms. Families may investigate websites that share how children may “learn and discover” through art including virtual visits to 10 notable art museums designed specifically for kids. Other possibilities include an online art collection search, a virtual museum tour or an interactive art museum video through the Smithsonian American Art Museum for Kids!

A “Color Me Digital Art Stroll” may include nature-based art projects and musical instrument crafts or interactive art projects and games. Interactive art tutorials include mixing paints, creating designs and selecting design moves. Information is also available regarding how to encourage drawing skills, confidence and creativity in children, as well as, how to use art as a means of bringing comfort to children in crisis.

Optional extension activities inspired by your family’s digital art stroll may be submitted to your child’s classroom teacher through November 30, 2016. We would like to display students’ artistic creations, photos, videos and activities for all to admire! Creativity, innovation, imagination, fun and parent/child partnership are key to our digital learning projects.

For more information, please contact Beverly Watson, Formative Assessment Specialist, or Stephanie Taylor, Curriculum Resource Teacher, and consider including a digital art stroll among your family’s fall festivities!